The Kacevski Brothers are a Producer/Director team from Sydney, Australia. With a knack for storytelling and courageous filmmaking, between them, they have a background in design, visual effects and editing. The two combined have extensive experience in film and advertising with a strong theme of high concepts and bold visuals seen though-out their work. Pushing the usual restraints and boundaries to achieve creatively brave results, Nik and George are in constant development of new and fresh ideas.


8:47 (Short Film)

In a loop of desperate measures, Maia and her sick sister Emma find themselves backed in a corner. Standing in their way is Roger, a father with everything to lose. As the seconds tear away from them, each battle against the only thing that can save them. Time.


A mysterious woman emerges from a pool of black crude oil. Her curiosity unleashes the unique sounds of a filthy rock band.

KUERIDA - Art on Canvas

Client: KUERIDA (Jewellery design by Lora Jays)

Dying Ice - Short Film

In a world where the sun never sets, Humans and Ashen co-exist in a constant state of tension and ill ease. When Dying Ice, a precious mineral used to cool the inhabitants of this world, is used in a trade for a noble Ashen girl, a betrayal is revealed that will throw this world into the beginnings of a war.